(last updated 5:00 p.m. on 3/9/01)

NOTE:  This list has been updated to show only the bills left after crossover.

HB 1013

Support--DPI budget

HB 1027

Support--Procedures to notify interested parties when rules will be considered

HB 1028

Support--Authorization by Administrative Rules Committee before rules may be


HB 1030

Monitor--Authority of the Administrative Rules Committee

HB 1032

Support--Membership on intergovernmental relations comm.

HB 1043

Monitor--Forgiving student loans for industry

HB 1045

Support--Continued rewrite of NDCC Title 15

HB 1046

Monitor--Oaths of office

HB 1047

Monitor--Challenging a person`s eligiblity to vote

HB 1052

Monitor--Sales tax on used farm machinery, etc.

HB 1055

Monitor--Establishes a graduated table for state income tax

HB 1058

Monitor--Creates a duplicative payment fund for distribution of duplicative payments

received by DPI

HB 1099

Monitor--Definition of eligible employees, retiree eligibility for health insurance, and

confidentiality of records

HB 1100

Monitor--Participation, calculation of interest, distribution options, and disability

benefits under the defined contribution plan

HB 1101

Support--Definitions, annuities, and participation by retired members who resume


HB 1102

Support--Creates 2.0 multiplier and gives retired members additional benefits

HB 1119

Monitor--State employee bonuses

HB 1123

Monitor--Political subdivisions may not specify trademarked or copyrighted brand

names for bidding purposes

HB 1128

Monitor--Posting of Ten Commandments in schools

HB 1141

Support--Differentiated levies in consolidations

HB 1142

Monitor--Incarcerated students with disabilities

HB 1145

Monitor--Moving to 85% of 5-year average

HB 1157

Support--Quality Schools Commission

HB 1183

Monitor--Wages payable upon separation

HB 1197

Monitor--State rate for mileage reimbursement

HB 1216

Monitor--PERS defined contributions

HB 1217

Monitor--PERS defined contributions

HB 1222

Monitor--Centrally assessed property

HB 1225

Support--Who can take fingerprints for background checks

HB 1229

Monitor--Signing bonuses

HB 1239

Support--Penalties for speeding in a school zone

HB 1267

Support--Creating a school law enforcement unit and sharing of juvenile records

HB 1283

Monitor--Student loan buydowns for employees in technology occupations

HB 1293

Monitor--Reading and Math Standards and Testing (no apparent fiscal note!!)

HB 1301

Support--Reorganization and decline payments

HB 1310

Support--Scholarships for retraining of teachers

HB 1321

Support--ESL payments

HB 1326

Oppose--Removes the school board rep. on Standards and Practices Board. Seats

business person, other professional person, legislator, etc.

HB 1331

Support--Relates to recall petitions

HB 1335

Support--Relating to school board elections

HB 1344

Support--Governor`s funding proposal

HB 1346

Support--Tuition agreements with parents of students attending across border schools

HB 1352

Support--Recall petitions with reasons for recall

HB 1353

Monitor--Oath of office for elected or appointed officials

HB 1371

Support--Compulsory attendance of students age 6

HB 1374

Monitor--Honorary HS diplomas for WWII Veterans

HB 1385

Monitor--Treatment for kids with emotional disturbance

HB 1386

Monitor--Required bids for public improvement contracts over $250,00

HB 1392

Monitor--Sales tax exemption limits on gross receipts for ticket sales, etc.

HB 1437

Oppose--Mandates moment of silence and allows recitation of the Lord`s Prayer

HB 1444

Support--Student loan reduction secondary teaching grads

HB 1465

Monitor--Special Ed generalist credential

HB 1474

Oppose--Mandating schools to allow employees to serve in the legislature


Support--Study completed revisions of Title 15


Support--Study resolution to look at funding sources other than property tax


Support--To study fiscal impact of legislation on local political subdivisions

SB 2014

Monitor--Appropriation for Children`s Services Coordinating Committee

SB 2020

Support--Budget for State Board for Voc-Tech Ed

SB 2022

Support--Appropriation for Information Technology Dept.

SB 2026

Monitor--State agency technology plans and telecommuting

SB 2033

Monitor--Allows renaissance zones to be expanded if they had prior approval and are

under 20 blocks

SB 2043

Support--Duties, powers, and responsibilities of the information technology committee

and department

SB 2052

Monitor--Changes school calendar to 173 days of instruction and five days for

holidays, continuing ed, and school activities (removes NDEA conference from


SB 2068

Support--Redefines inundated agricultural land for purpose of property tax abatements

SB 2080

Monitor--Removes the SBVTE from the Administrative Rules process

SB 2082

Monitor--Purchase of prior service credit under the PERS system

SB 2086

Support--Includes remodeling in the list of activities for which general obligation bonds

can be issued by a school board resolution by 2/3 vote

SB 2105

Monitor--Access to juvenile records

SB 2106

Support--Open enrollment for new residents

SB 2117

Monitor--Open meetings violations

SB 2147

Monitor--Tuition appeals

SB 2148

Monitor--Relating to reorganization, etc.

SB 2166

Oppose--Waiver committee make-up

SB 2177

Monitor--Allowing posting of Ten Commandments under certain conditions

SB 2180

Monitor--Retired teachers returning to teach

SB 2183

Support--Signing bonuses for newly graduated teachers

SB 2200

Monitor--Declining enrollment and reorganization payments

SB 2202

Support--Compulsory attendance

SB 2205

Monitor--Oil extraction tax rate trigger

SB 2251

Support--ETC make up and duties

SB 2267

Support--High school teachers with at least a master`s and 10 yrs experience in the

course area or field to be taught

SB 2297

Monitor--State rates for meals and lodging

SB 2323

Monitor--Open enrollment for students registered in military installation school districts

SB 2324

Monitor--State funding of core curriculum

SB 2337

Monitor--Shared employment

SB 2346

Oppose-Prevents political subs from protesting special assessment districts

SB 2366

Monitor--Compensation for commission members and factfinders

SB 2372

Monitor--Distribution of absentee ballots

SB 2412

Oppose--Lifetime licensure for teachers after 20 yrs.

SB 2428

Monitor--Raises income tax and reduces property taxes

SB 2430

Support--15% of school funding to go out July 15


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